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Why it is so important to check for window leaks

You may not be aware but the minute flaws in your windows installation may result in window leaks. Leakage may consist of air as well as water. Air leaks will increase your heating or cooling costs, while water leakage can affect your walls, furniture as well as interiors of your house. In any case it is important to identify any sort of leakage in your windows and find a solution for it. Below we list out the reasons why it is important to check for window leaks.

You might be spending additional dollars:
Most of the energy audits point out to energy leakages through the caulking gaps in doors and windows. This means while you’re heating or air conditioning equipment is working at its best to give you desired temperature the same energy is being wasted through these gaps. You can save 10-15 percent of your energy costs by finding a solution for leaking windows and doors.

Water leakage will damage your window frames:

In case there is a leakage it is a high probability that water will cumulate in the sill of your frame. Water can accumulate and create cracks in the wood, further adding to seepage of water into your window frame extending even to your walls in some case. This will result in rotting of the wood in the window frame, which will need to be eventually replaced with a new one. To know how to prevent window leaks click here.

Bacteria and Pest:
Moisture is the breeding ground for different type of bacteria and pests. If you can detect discoloration of your window frames it is likely due to growth of mold. Exposure to mold can lead to various types of allergies and even asthma in some cases. If you can detect development of soft, spongy area around your window frame, it hints to the formation of mold around that area.
Moisture-laden window frames also invite different types of pests in your house, the most famous of these being carpenter ants and powder post beetles. These pests can cause further deteriorate your window frames.

You must have realized by now that water and air leakage through your windows in not something you can be careless about. You have to detect any possible energy leakages in your house or look closely for water leakage around your window frames. In case you do find enough evidence of leakage you either have to fix it on your own or hire a professional to do so. In case you have decided to do it on your own you can look at some of the steps here http://www.diy-hq.net/doors-windows/how-to-fix-window-leaks.html. Taking care of window leaks will certainly help you cut down costs and increase longevity and safety of your house.


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